Special Topics

Special Topics

 The Anatomy of the Crochet Hook

 A Tour through My Crocheting Bag

Caring for your Crochet Hooks

Caring for your Crochet Items

Changing Colors

Choosing the Right Pattern for my Skill Level

Creating Your Own Crochet Pattern

Crochet Supplies – What do I Need To Get Started?

How to Choose Your Yarn

How to Crochet Evenly Every Stitch

How to find the ends of your skein

How to finish with the Invisible Ends

How to Gauge

How to make a Crochet Circle Flat

How to Organize Your Yarn

How to Protect Your Pattern

How to Read a Pattern

How to Read Yarn Labels

How to Roll your Skein into a ball

How to Sell Your Crochet Items

How Well do you Know your Crochet Hook

Invisible Finish

Lining For Inside Purse

Making the Transition from Yarn to Thread

Newbie Crocheting Mistakes

Organizing Crochet Patterns

Recycling Yarn


Successful Tips To Carry Your Crochet

Teaching Left handed Students

Thoughts on Crocheting & Time

Tips about Turning Chains

Tips on How to Teach Children

Totes, Bags and Drums

Why Do I Love to Crochet


2 Responses to Special Topics

  1. Karen says:

    Thank you for this helpful info about crochet

  2. I am so glad you found the sight useful.

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