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6 Responses to Contact

  1. Mary Matthews says:

    I have a crochet pattern that states: Tension 7sc = 4 inches; 12 rows pattern = 4 inches on a 5.5 hook. AsI’m a loose crocheter I used a 5 hook. The 12 rows of pattern is spot on, however the 7sc = 4 inches is far too small, what hook should I use?

  2. I am so sorry about he time it took me to respond, but I would try a larger hook and see if your count might come a little closer.

  3. patriciarose07 says:

    Hello Crochetwithpassion: I just checked out your page and it was very helpful about selling crocheted crafts online….I have had a Facebook page with all my crochet items and selling them at first was nice as there was an audience that just loved my stuffed monkeys and they went really well……I only want to sell as a hobby right now and not as a business as I am on a disability and there are rules I have to follow if i say it’s a business!… the only way my disability will let me do things is if it’s all done by cashflow…and this is what i know so far…..
    Say if you have any other tips or ideas to share please do….you can contact me at the email address listed below:

    Happy hooking!

  4. I am sorry it took so long to respond, but I wanted to do my research before I answer. From my understanding the best thing to do is call and see how much money you are allowed to make and not lose your disability and then make sure you stay around $30 or $40 under that amount. I hope this helps.

  5. anna says:

    I have a question for you about the Annie’s dishcloth pattern. The green one using the seed stitch is incredibly confusing, and nowhere on the web can I find a seed stitch tutorial that uses these same instructions. Your seed stitch tutorial is different as well. HELP!!

  6. One of the services that few people realize is every company has a pattern services that will walk you through any pattern. For Annie’s Hook & Needle club it is 260-589-4000 ext. 4874 (as of a year ago when I called). When you call have the pattern number and the row or stitch you are having trouble with. They will ask for your name, number and problem and usually call back within one business day. I always call when I know I will be home for a day or two, and I have my pattern out and ready. They are really great and very helpful.

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