Susan Bates Digital Row Counter Review

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I was always a person who thought of keeping count of rows and pattern sequence with a piece of paper and a pencil as a necessary evil that must be done while crocheting. Although I found it easier to use a post em to do so, it is still tedious to put your hook down and to take up the pencil to mark. So when I received this Susan Bates Digital Row Counter in the mail, I was anxiously looking forward to trying it and seeing if it was easier to maintain my crocheting flow while I kept count of either rows or stitch patterns that repeat in the same row.

In just the few short weeks since the box arrived from Redheart (RedHeart Bundle 2015) this is fast becoming a tool I grab often since it is so easily manageable while crocheting. I first tried it on my right hand, but found while adjusting the tension in my yarn, it was often in the way. After a few days, I switched to my left hand and there I could use it unencumbered.

There are five sizes that the band can be adjusted to, I wear it on the smallest one. It slips on comfortably and once I became accustomed to it, it was not more noticeable then my wedding band. The tool is very light weight and is soon forgotten until needed.

At first, I was worried that the counter would get in the way or that I would accidentally push the button messing up my count. This was not the case. The large button on the bottom of the counter is easily pushed without losing the flow of my crocheting, but it is located where it would be hard to do so by accident. The number on the display screen was large enough to read and see at a glance, and unless you reset the counter, it will remember what row I am on when I come back – even days later. This is a feature that will make this a very useful product to add to my crocheting tools.

Since my post about receiving the box, Red Heart has added this product to their web page so I have included a link. (Susan Bates Digital Counter) This is a product I will tell all my crocheting friends about and encourage them to get. It has turned counting rows from a chore to what is becoming an affectionate and easy way to keep count while I crochet.

I will highly recommend this tool to all my students as a useful tool to add to their crocheting bag.

Until next time, keep those hooks flying.


About crochetwithpassion

I have been certified through the Craft Yarn Council both in teaching and Instructor. I also have been teaching people to crochet for over fifteen years. This is what I will be doing through this blog. In the Crochet Master Class there are 18 projects. Some of the projects will be familiar to me such as Hairpin Lace; Tunisian Crochet; Filet Crochet; Double Ended Crochet; painted Crochet; Aran Crochet and Irish Crochet. However there are several in the book that are new and have peaked my interest and that includes the following: Woven Crochet; Tapestry Crochet; Entrelac Crochet; Fashion Crochet; Tassels; Bullion Stitch; Overlay Crochet; Bead Crochet; Bruges Crochet; Free-form crochet and Wire Crochet. Since Crocheting is a time consuming craft I will only be posting once a week. If you are like me and love to crochet but would really like to challenge yourself to go beyond what you are now doing, come along with me and move to the next level. Although the actual patterns will not be posted (copyright law) I will take you through each project and go through the process of each one. This is not a blog about free crochet patterns or selling crochet tools. What I would like to do is take you with me on the journey through this book as I learn and crochet each of 18 projects. I will attempt to crochet each project in the book, and in the process recording in detail my progress and the problems I encounter along the way and the process I went through to accomplish each project. I am hoping that you will not only learn from my experience but that it will inspire you to push yourself to the next phase in your crocheting skills. Until next time; keep those hooks flying.
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5 Responses to Susan Bates Digital Row Counter Review

  1. I have one of these, and I absolutely love it. Easiest way to stay counting without having any trouble. 🙂

  2. I agree, thank you for sharing your experience with using the product.

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  4. Anne says:

    Can anyone tell me how to use it? Sometimes I can be dense.

  5. The large button when pushed will go up one number each time it is pushed. If it goes to sleep just push the large button once and it will show the last number counted. The small button when pushed will delete the count, so that you may start over. I hopes this helps.

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