Lion Brand Stress Relief Gloves Review


After years of crocheting I came to the time in my journey where my hands were starting to ache from years of the repetitive motion of crocheting. In my case the pain would start on top of my hand and work it’s way down to the end of my pointer finger. The only relief I would find would be to take a few days break, in-between working on my crocheting. If you love to crochet as much as I do, then you can understand how this could not be a solution that would delight me.

In addition to being an avid crocheter, I also work a lot on a computer which adding even more of a work load to my hands. I am sorry to state this fact; most crocheters will experience this kind of pain at some point if they are in it for the long term.

One day when I was shopping in JoAnn’s I saw the Lion Brand Stress Gloves and decided to give them a try. I have been wearing them for three weeks now, and even in that short of a time I can tell a difference.

Before sharing with you my thoughts on the project I would like to first share the description from Lions on this product.

Lion Fingerless Stress-Relief Gloves
Crochet, knit, sew, quilt and more with these lightweight, fingerless gloves. Made of tightly woven spandex and nylon, the gloves can help to keep your hands warm. The package contains one left-hand and one right-hand glove in spunky royal blue.

The gloves will come in three sizes and I cannot stress enough to take the time and use the chart on back of the gloves and make sure you get the right size. You will want the pair to be snug on your hand, but not tight.

When I first slid my hand through them they felt strange. It took me a few days to get use to wearing them without interfering with my crocheting. The gloves do provide strong compression while I am wearing them, and at the same time they are made of nylon so they are stretchy enough to not cause any discomfort.

There are two suggestions I would like to make if you are using these gloves. The material between the fingers looks like they would tear easy (and so far- has not). As a precaution, I am taking special care when putting them on or taking them off as not to rip them. I am especially careful around my wedding ring. I do not just rip the gloves off.

Another thing I have noticed since I started wearing them is if I wear them with the seam side on top of my hand, they seem more comfortable. They also seem to be less in my way when I am crocheting.

I am thinking if these first few weeks of wearing them is any indication, then the gloves will help relieve the pain that I have been experiencing. I can now crochet for hours without any pain.

Will these glove be a long term solution? Do they wear well? Only time will tell. All I can tell you is that I am impressed with the initial use of them.

If you have had any experiences with the gloves would love to hear your opinions on them.
Until next time, keep those hooks flying.

Disclosure: I bought these gloves with my own money and am not earning or receiving any kind of a commission for this review.


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3 Responses to Lion Brand Stress Relief Gloves Review

  1. cricketfox says:

    I have seen these here in Australia. Might have a closer look

  2. I might have to pick up a set. I have been known to over do it with my knitting. Thanks for sharing

  3. I am glad you found the review useful

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