Crocheting through the Holidays – Update

Can you believe we have just twelve days until Christmas? I don’t know about you all, but these last few months just seemed to have flown by.

This week has brought a few unexpected turns I was not expecting. At church this past Sunday morning brought with it, a nice and pleasant twist. This Sunday I wore my Sashay Ruffled Scarf. After service one of the mothers complimentarily talked with me about it, and crocheting and then commissioned me to crochet one for her daughter. So in addition to my gifts this week I spent a few hours crocheting a Sashay Ruffled Scarf. I will be giving it to her on Sunday and I hope her daughter will like it. There was a little yarn left over, so I quickly worked up a smaller version of the scarf to include in the presents for my three year old grand daughter who loves to dress up. (pictured below)


For those of you who are still looking for last minutes gifts, this would be a great idea The Sashay Scarves are very popular at the moment and are quick to crochet and only take one skien of yarn!! I have included a tutorial on how to crochet one (Sashay Ruffled Scarf Tutorial). It takes about one – two hours to make and an N hook. This pattern is great for any skill level as it only takes a working knowledge of the single crochet. (Single Crochet)

The second unexpected turn was with my crochet basket. Every year our church hosts a Christmas party in which we all bring gifts. At first, I was crocheting a cute little basket to give at this gift exchange. We never know who will be receiving the gifts, so if you bring a gift- it must be something you believe everyone will enjoy. However, when I was sharing with my daughter, she thought a dish cloth and a hot pad might be more usiversal. Most everyone loves a crocheted dishcloth and could use another hot pad to set hot pans and bowls on.


This week I crocheted a dishcloth (pictured above with Hot Pad) out of some white cotton yarn I had in my stash. It was made of the chain stitch and single crochet. (Single Crochet)

It is a pattern I had used for my own house and I really liked. The pattern gives just enough texture that it is perfect for scrubbing all those dirty dishes that seem to accumulate. I chose white because it would go with anyones color scheme for their kitchen.


The pattern was from a Leisure Arts leaflet “Dishcloths”. (pictured above) They did not give each dishcloth a name. So if you have the leaflet with you it is number 13.


The “Plush Hot Pad” I chose was from a short live publication; “Crochet with Heart” February 2000 issues. (pictured above) Crochet with Heart is one of my favorite crocheting magazines, and sadly it only had a five year run. This extra thick pad pattern was crocheted quickly using a Q hook.

Crochet first in the back loop and then the front to give it the extra thickness needed for keeping those hot pots from damaging your dining room table. I crocheted two panels by starting with the chain stitch (The Chain Stitch) and then using the single crochet (Single Crochet) to complete the pattern. The two panels were then crocheted together to form the required thickness. This pattern was really very pretty and had a unusual design.

Coming into the last few days, I will need to work my way though three skeins of yarn to crochet a hat and scarf. This will finish my Christmas gift list. Then the next thing on my list is my Annie’s Hook & Needle Club Sugar N Spice Gift set.

Your first assignment this week- is to take the time to write out all the care instructions for each of your gifts. I have found a lot of people really haven’t any idea how to care for the different types of yarns that are available today. It is what I like to call a courtesy for my friends.

The second assignment this week, in addition to finishing up any gifts and to start looking for bags, boxes and wrapping paper. This is a good time to get whatever you will need to wrap all your gifts and put on any finishing touches to make them ready to hand out on Christmas morning. Take all the gifts you have finished and start wrapping those gifts. It is always my goal to have all my Christmas gifts wrapped and under the tree by December 20. When I have everything done by the twentieth I can use the five days before Christmas for visiting family and friends as well as all my Christmas baking and cooking that wonderful food for our upcoming family Christmas dinner.

I know if I push myself this week to finish everything, I can put my crochet aside next week and enjoy the Christmas Holiday without stress.

Until next time keep those hooks flying, and Have a Marry Christmas.


About crochetwithpassion

I have been certified through the Craft Yarn Council both in teaching and Instructor. I also have been teaching people to crochet for over fifteen years. This is what I will be doing through this blog. In the Crochet Master Class there are 18 projects. Some of the projects will be familiar to me such as Hairpin Lace; Tunisian Crochet; Filet Crochet; Double Ended Crochet; painted Crochet; Aran Crochet and Irish Crochet. However there are several in the book that are new and have peaked my interest and that includes the following: Woven Crochet; Tapestry Crochet; Entrelac Crochet; Fashion Crochet; Tassels; Bullion Stitch; Overlay Crochet; Bead Crochet; Bruges Crochet; Free-form crochet and Wire Crochet. Since Crocheting is a time consuming craft I will only be posting once a week. If you are like me and love to crochet but would really like to challenge yourself to go beyond what you are now doing, come along with me and move to the next level. Although the actual patterns will not be posted (copyright law) I will take you through each project and go through the process of each one. This is not a blog about free crochet patterns or selling crochet tools. What I would like to do is take you with me on the journey through this book as I learn and crochet each of 18 projects. I will attempt to crochet each project in the book, and in the process recording in detail my progress and the problems I encounter along the way and the process I went through to accomplish each project. I am hoping that you will not only learn from my experience but that it will inspire you to push yourself to the next phase in your crocheting skills. Until next time; keep those hooks flying.
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