Annie’s Hook & Needle Club – Kit 2 – Steppin’ Out Poncho Review


I made a promise to myself that I would finish each project before I received the next one in the mail. Let’s just say I kept this promise this month by the skin of my teeth. Today I have finish my second kit from Annie’s Hook & Needle Club; the Steppin’ Out Poncho. (pictured above)

First I would like to say I am really pleased with the end results. The poncho is crocheted in a beautiful “Simply Soft” grape color yarn. It is composed of clusters and chain 5 spaces that make a stunning lace poncho that produced such an elegant look that I plan on wearing it over my Easter dress.  (pictured below) I am really impressed by the look of the pattern. It is an experienced level pattern, which makes me now aware that not all the patterns I receive from Annie’s Hook & Needle Club will be for beginners – making it more of a variety for a member.


First the positive: The instructions for crocheting the poncho were easy to read, the special stitches were explained fully and in an easy to understand language. I had no trouble understanding them.

I was excited that I got to use my Susan Bates Trim-A-Tool and Fringe Maker. (pictured below) I brought this in my early days of crocheting. Not too many people in my family like fringe, so I do not get to use the tool as often as I like. This Fringe Makers makes it easy to make fringe or tassels and is much easier then using card board. After making fringe one time using the standby cardboard method, I went and bought this tool and now find making fringe quick and easy.


Now the negative: I always crochet a gauge swatch before starting a new project, this one was no different. The gauge they offered was 13 dc = 4 inches, and this was nowhere in the pattern. My gauge came out perfect with a size L hook, which was one size lager then their suggestion. In my opinion there should have been a gauge for the cluster pattern or at the very least I should have been given the dimensions of the panels in their instructions. I was nervous about the width of the panels and unsure of my end results because I was not exactly sure if I had the right dimensions even though my gauge was correct.

I did all that worrying for nothing, the poncho come out just the right size. The instructions for assembling the poncho took me a few minutes to figure out, but after pinning them together a few times before I sewed them together this was solved.

In summary I would rank my experience with this pattern 8 stars. Mostly because of the lack of information about the final size I was shooting for. But I will definitely crochet this again if the occasion presents itself.

Do you have any experience with crocheting clothing; if so, I would love to hear about your ups and downs. Do you enjoy or avoid the clothing crochet patterns?

Until next week, keep those hooks flying.


About crochetwithpassion

I have been certified through the Craft Yarn Council both in teaching and Instructor. I also have been teaching people to crochet for over fifteen years. This is what I will be doing through this blog. In the Crochet Master Class there are 18 projects. Some of the projects will be familiar to me such as Hairpin Lace; Tunisian Crochet; Filet Crochet; Double Ended Crochet; painted Crochet; Aran Crochet and Irish Crochet. However there are several in the book that are new and have peaked my interest and that includes the following: Woven Crochet; Tapestry Crochet; Entrelac Crochet; Fashion Crochet; Tassels; Bullion Stitch; Overlay Crochet; Bead Crochet; Bruges Crochet; Free-form crochet and Wire Crochet. Since Crocheting is a time consuming craft I will only be posting once a week. If you are like me and love to crochet but would really like to challenge yourself to go beyond what you are now doing, come along with me and move to the next level. Although the actual patterns will not be posted (copyright law) I will take you through each project and go through the process of each one. This is not a blog about free crochet patterns or selling crochet tools. What I would like to do is take you with me on the journey through this book as I learn and crochet each of 18 projects. I will attempt to crochet each project in the book, and in the process recording in detail my progress and the problems I encounter along the way and the process I went through to accomplish each project. I am hoping that you will not only learn from my experience but that it will inspire you to push yourself to the next phase in your crocheting skills. Until next time; keep those hooks flying.
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11 Responses to Annie’s Hook & Needle Club – Kit 2 – Steppin’ Out Poncho Review

  1. aemjarman says:

    It’s beautiful! Great Job!

  2. LeeAnne says:

    Just finished a sweater for a lady from church as a thank you for a special trip they took us on. I haven’t given it to her yet, so I’m not sure if the size was right but it should be. Being new to crocheting garments the thing I noticed was the difference in patterns for sizing, you have to be careful because no two patterns are sized the same. I used the Japanese chain for the sweater and it made it so easy thanks for sharing, I didn’t even edge it because it looked like a nice clean edge and didn’t need anything else. I am using the Japanese chain for my new project to and it made edging the first piece really easy. So glad to be a part of this blog. Thanks again Pamela

  3. I am so glad you found the Japanese Foundation Chain helpful, I have loved that stitch since I learned it. It is so much easier to work with that it spoils you. The gift of a sweater is very thoughtful, and I am sure she will love it. Be sure to gauge especially when you are crocheting clothing. Thank you for sharing you have been such an encouragement for me. I am so excited that you find my blog useful.

  4. Amanda, thank you so much for the encouraging words. Hope I inspired you to start a new project.

  5. K. A. Jordan says:

    I’m just learning about knitting and gauge, though I’ve crocheted afghans and baby blanets for many years. Reading patterns is still a bit difficult. However, I know I’ll get better with practice.

    This is all new to me, so I’m really enjoying your blog.

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  7. K.A. Jordan – I apologize for not responding sooner to your post. There must of been a email error. Afghans are my favorite to crochet, I love all the different designs and cuddling up under then on cold winter evenings. You are right, reading patterns and gauging will get better in time and with practice. Good luck.

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  9. Lynn Smith says:

    I know this is an post for you but I wanted to say, I am having lots of trouble for some reason with this one. I put it away for awhile and will try to get back to it eventually. After I get over my frustration!! Thanks for your input.

  10. Pamela says:

    Annie’s has a good pattern service (800) 282-6643. If you call them they are really good about helping you finish the pattern. Make sure you have the pattern number and the row you are having the trouble on, leave a message and they usually call back within one business day. Would love to hear back when you finish, hopes this helps.

  11. anna says:

    I started this poncho earlier this week and have finished both panels, but I’m stuck on the assembly. My pattern says to count 8 clusters up from the foundation row, but does it mean to count a cluster every 2 rows, or 4? If I go up every 2 rows, because the clusters repeat every 2 rows, I only end up going about a third of the way up while the diagram looks it should be halfway-ish. I’m so confused!
    I’ve enjoyed your reviews of these kits and have checked them out before I start one. Keep ’em coming!

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